Travertine Bukhari is one of the most widely used stones due to its beautiful design

And white is known for its brownish streaks.

This stone usually has small pores and has a high ability to sand and polish.

Heat Valley travertine comes in a wide range of white, cream and dark cream colors.

The presence of circular waves and dark streaks in some types causes the production of screw wave stones.

Which adds to the charm of the facade and makes it special.

The use of valley travertine is not recommended for small buildings

Because it causes congestion on the facade surface and the viewer sees the work surface smaller.

This stone is divided and produced in two general ways:


No wave

Applications and applications of travertine in Darreh Bukhari neighborhood

Main view and exterior view

Interior facade and interior walls


Making decorative works

Darreh Bukhari travertine mine in Markazi province, Mahallat city,

Khomein road and is located near Hajiabad travertine mine.

Heaters can be made of travertine stones in the valley

Heater valley without travertine wave

Travertine Travertine Valley Wavy

Travertine Valley Heater Wave

Azarnoosh Bukhari Valley Travertine

The travertine is named Coppole Heater Valley.

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