According to the Mehr reporter, Behnam Nikfar was on the sidelines of a press conference on Tuesday evening

The Twelfth Mahallat Stone Exhibition stated: This year, despite the imposition of oppressive sanctions

The presence of domestic and foreign companies in the field of stone industry in this exhibition has grown well.

Nikfar said: The performance of Iran’s stone industry in the field of production and processing is evaluated as good

But in the field of exports, we are facing poor performance that needs to be addressed.

The director of the 12th Sang Mahallat Exhibition added: “We tried to invite you to this exhibition.”

Sculptors represent other manifestations of art with stone because it does so

It has a lot of added value and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Nikfar considered the relationship between industry and university important and added:

Today, the use of technology and science in the development of society in various social, economic and political dimensions

It is a very powerful tool for economic growth and development.

He stated: Numerous meetings were held to communicate with the universities and even in specialized discussions

Amirkabir University has received help especially in the field of mining.

Member of Iranian Stone Association added:

We are facing problems in the infrastructure of Mahallat Stone Exhibition.

One of the problems of the private sector is financial issues and in this exhibition since 1994 until now

To cover the existing expenses, we provide the necessary capital from the place of sale of shares.

The use of technology is essential to increase the stone industry’s exports

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